ZenBid EasyLeads ?

Easyleads increases your campaign performance by 30% or more and reduces your workload by 90%.

The scale and complexity of today’s search marketing for advertisers has made it critical to automate bid and campaign optimization.

Easyleads is an automated system designed by industry experts and mathematicians that enables advertisers of all sizes to optimize their campaigns and avoid the most frustrating tasks associated with managing online advertising accounts.

With Easyleads, you will improve campaign performance and you will curtail time spent on managing your AdWords Campaigns.

Easyleads utilizes a proprietary real-time optimization technology. Our technology maximizes conversions from paid search campaigns by adjusting bids and reallocating budgets between them throughout the day. This maximizes conversions and smartly utilizes every dollar spent.

Easyleads technology is based on a set of algorithms designed to increase conversion volume and lower CPA on the Google Search and Display Network.

To use Easyleads you only need to connect your google account to the system and you are ready to start. There are no set up fees and no software to install.

How does it work?

Let us connect to your Adwords account, review your campaign data and set up the system for the outcome you desire (total conversions, CPC, ROI).

And set ZenBid EasyLeads to work.

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